A brief hiatus?

Hello Traveling Brewson followers!  I just wanted to touch base and apologize for my brief hiatus away from the blogging. If you follow me on twitter, or instagram you will know that I haven’t stopped drinking beer or visiting all of the best local breweries.  This weekend I am heading over to Seattle, WA for a weekend trip and I plan on checking out a few new breweries. With that said according to Washington Beer (www.washingtonbeer.com) there are over 90 different local breweries in the Seattle and King County area.  Of course I’ve been to a few of the staples such as Elysian, Pyramid, and Pike Brewing. Do you have any favorite Seattle breweries?

According to the recent Draft Magazine and their list of America’s 100 best beer bars, Seattle has a good amount of the bars listed out of the Pacific North West. I’m hoping to make a pit stop and check out a beer bar that has a variety of beer. I was looking into Beveridge Place Pub which is listed to have 36-tap draft list that is changing weekly.

Keep an open for some new posts and as always don’t forget to connect on social media.


Island Princess

In order to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary, my wife and I decided it best to head back to where we celebrated our honeymoon – a Princess Cruise.

Island Princess along the California Coast.
Island Princess along the California Coast.

We started our adventure by deciding what cruise to take, and how we would be able to afford it. Luckily, we signed up for email notifications after cruising with Princess to Alaska, and it paid off! Before we knew it, I had us booked on a three-day repositioning cruise from Los Angeles, California to Vancouver, British Columbia.

This cruise – aboard the Princess Island – set sale on May 8th and we got our feet back on solid ground on May 11th. We even got to cruise with the bar steward we’d become friends with on the Ruby Princess in Alaska, Aris. I’ve been asked a few times now, “Was a repositioning cruise worth it?” The short answer is: absolutely!  Let’s review some of my favorite parts.

Our second cruise with Aris on Pricess.
Kelly, Aris and I.

Let’s start out with the food on the Princess Island. It was fantastic to try some items that were different from our Alaskan cruise. When speaking with the restaurant staff, they said Princess customizes the menu based on the itinerary selected. This ship had just come from the Panama Canal, so the food consisted of crawfish, Cajun spices and other varieties of seafood, such as mussels, squid, clams, oysters and more. I of course couldn’t try everything. While I guess Princess would let me, my waistline would protest.  Still, I never had a disappointing meal, and was always excited to try something new at the next dinner, as Princess offers a new item each evening.  You also cannot beat the amazing dessert options Princess offers; I love their New York style cheesecake.  Princess is a great place for grazers and snackers as well, with quick food available in the Horizon Court buffet, The Bar & Grill, and Princess Pizzeria.

I couldn't pass up this amazing cheese cake and delicious strawberries. My wife who doesn't like cheesecake even enjoyed the cheesecake offered by Princess.
I couldn’t pass up this amazing cheese cake with delicious strawberries. My wife, who doesn’t normally like cheesecake, even enjoyed this one.

The entrainment options were endless on this three day cruise. With no ports to worry about stopping at, it was easy for us to enjoy the onboard entertainment, including their Movie Under the Stars (they played Star Wars: The Force Awakens), a comedy show with Jammin Jay Lammont, and On the Bayou in the Princess Theatre.

It may have been cold outside but you can't beat watching the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
It may have been cold outside but we came prepared.

It was great to finally be able to watch the new Star Wars movie that everybody was raving about. The fresh air and the waves made it seem like we were in the action scenes as the boat rocked back-and-forth. The comedy show with Jammin Jay Lammont was a good show, I laughed a few times at the start and then it really turned into a show for the older demographic.  My favorite show was the onboard original production, On the Bayou. Princess Theaters and their production team do a phenomenal job at putting on a full, fast-paced show in 45 minutes. The show was about a love story that took place in New Orleans and the variety of set and outfit changes truly allowed you to escape into the story.

While the entertainment was great, my favorite part of the repositioning cruise had to be the fact that there was no need to set an alarm. I love stopping at different ports, as it allows you to get off the

A sunset from the Island Princess
A sunset from the Island Princess along the California Coast.

ship for a little bit and explore different cities or take part in excursions. However, not setting an alarm for 6:30AM so we can get off the ship at the port by 7:00AM was really nice. The only schedule we had to keep was for the activities we wanted. This allowed for us to sleep in until nine if we wanted to, swim all day, or relax in the hot tub. A repositioning cruise is the perfect way to get away, disconnect the cell phone and social media, and truly enjoy time with your significant other.

Have you cruised? If so, which cruise line? Any thoughts, suggestions or questions about cruising, please post them below in the comments.


Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

Last weekend started out great, with a quick flight down to Los Angeles, California. We decided to fly down a day early for our repositioning cruise, which I will blog about later. I’ve heard a lot about great breweries in the Los Angeles and Long Beach area, so when we arrived at our AirBNB, I asked about the local breweries and brew pubs nearby.  It could just be the area, but it seemed like nobody really knew much about the local beer scene. Our host just told us about the general area in Long Beach where we would find a few bars and gastro pubs, so that’s where we set off.

We ended up arriving at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery, which is a semi-local brewery. Rock Bottom is now a franchise, unlike when it was founded in 1991 in Denver, Colorado. While I usually stay away from the franchised breweries and big store beers, Rock Bottom is different. At Rock Bottom in Los Angeles, not only do they have the standard Rock Bottom Beers, they also have their own beers brewed right in house. The Brew master, Brad Comstock, was an apprentice at Stone Brewing Company prior to taking on his role at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery taster tray
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery taster tray

The restaurant itself is a very nice, clean, and up-to-date location, with indoor and outdoor seating available. From the patio you can see the historic Queen Mary, and all the way down to the Pine Avenue Pier. This location just had a remodel with over $2,000,000.00 in renovations to get it up to its current standards, and based on the location and traffic, I’d say it was well worth it.

Per my usual starting point at a brewery, I had to order a taster tray.  While I can’t say I loved all of the beers, it was nice to get a different taste in each glass. Each beer truly had a unique flavor and was different from the previous one. This was even true for the IPA’s.  I sampled the following beers:

Breakwall Blonde (ABV 4.8% / IBU 20) – Kölsch is usually not my go-to style for a beer. This one was very light in flavor, with a soft citrus finish.

Passport Red Ale (ABV 4.8% / IBU 20)  – Very flavorful, and yet light at the same time. Based on the toasty description, I was expecting slightly more robust flavors, however it was still a worthy beer.

Belgian White Ale (ABV 5.3% / IBU 11) – This Witbier is a great summer beer for those who love a light, tart, and fresh beer. It was personally too light in flavor for me, but the bartender said it was a very popular beer.

Shattered Glass IPA (ABV 6.3%/ IBU 65) – A solid American IPA. The hoppy profile wasn’t overwhelming and allowed the citrus notes to come through.

Porter (ABV 5.5%) – I’m a huge fan of Porters, and am always looking to find another porter to enjoy. This porter has a full chocolate flavor, with hints of roasted malt and coffee.

Citra IPA (ABV 6.9% / IBU Unlisted) – My favorite beer of the brewery had to be the Citra IPA. An all-citra hopped beer, it has full flavor and citrus aroma, but is still very smooth. If my wife and I hadn’t just had lunch, I would have stayed for a few pints of this great IPA.

The experience at Rock Bottom was a good one, from the beer, to my wife’s martini, to our delicious food. At first I wasn’t sure (based on the outside) if it was really a brewery, or a restaurant that had beer, so I’m glad we stopped in and got to try out some different beer. I’ll return in the future and enjoy some pints next time.

I found the following menu a pretty neat addition at the table. It was a real talking point for tables around us and was helpful when it came time to decide what to order.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery Beer & Food Pairing menu.
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery Beer & Food Pairing menu.

Have you had the chance to visit a Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery? If so, what’s your feedback or thoughts? I’d love to hear them below in the comment section.

The Pelican Pub and Brewery

While visiting Lincoln City, OR this past weekend we had to make a quick stop at Pelican Pub & Brewery. A quick thirty-five minute drive north on highway 101 to Pacific City, and we are enjoying a cold beer and a beautiful ocean view.

Left to right Eric Maestas. Hope Maestas, Cody Hewson and Kelly Hewson. Not pictured Missy Halonen
Left to right Eric Maestas. Hope Maestas, Cody Hewson and Kelly Hewson. Not pictured Missy Halonen


Pelican Pub & Brewery ocean front.
Pelican Pub & Brewery ocean front.

Since the weather was rainy with a nice breeze, we couldn’t enjoy the outdoor seating during this visit.  This isn’t my first time to Pelican Pub but I really wanted to show this amazing brewery to my friend Missy who hadn’t been to the brewery yet. Apart from the delicious beers, you can’t beat the view at Pelican Pub.  The brewery was very busy, about a forty-five minute wait at the best guess. We got lucky for a party of five and found an open corner at the bar, so we snuck right in. The bartender was a nice guy, very friendly and helpful.


We had just ate prior to leaving Lincoln City, so we decided beer was the only item on the menu needed.   When visiting a brewery for the first time, or after a long gap between visits I always stick with ordering the taster tray before ordering individual pints. I really enjoy being able to taste each beer prior to going for the strong commitment of an individual pint. The taster trays at Pelican are a fantastic choice as you get five of their core brand and two of their specialty beers. The taster tray is served on a nice wood tray, with the line up on listed on a laminated card so you can remember what you’re drinking. It’s always fun doing sampling beers with friends since we all have a different taste we enjoy in beers, it makes for fun conversation.

A taster tray at Pelican Pub & Brewery, 7 different beers to sample.
A taster tray at Pelican Pub & Brewery, 7 different beers to sample.


The beers we sampled were as followed

Kiwanda Cream Ale (ABV 5.4% / IBU 25 )

MacPelican’s Scottish Ale (ABV 5% / IBU 16 )

Umbrella IPA (ABV 7.4% / IBU 60 )

Imperial Pelican Ale (ABV 8% / IBU 85 )

Tsunami Stout (ABV 7% / IBU 45)

Dirty Bird IPA (ABV 7.5%/ IBU 65)

DK Pills (ABV 5.5 / IBU 55)


After the sample I had to get pint of the Dirty Bird IPA to wrap up our visit to Pelican Pub. I’d highly recommend a visit to Pelican if you have never been, go check it out. After our visit we walked down to the beach to enjoy some fresh air before we headed back to Lincoln City. Have you been to Pelican Pub, if so what’s your favorite beer? How about your overall favorite experience at Pelican Pub & Brewery? Comment below with your story.

McMenamins Lighthouse Brewpub

This past weekend my wife, friend Missy and I all jumped in the car and drove over to Lincoln City, OR. We were going to surprise a friend for her birthday and figured while in town we better stop for a few pints. Once we arrived I knew we had to visit one of my favorite spots to get a beer and some food in Lincoln City, McMenamins Lighthouse Brewpub. The things I enjoy the most about McMena

min’s are the variety of beer, and their fresh food menu. It’s nice to get to a brewpub and have more options than a cheeseburger, or pretzels.

For food I went with the Steamer Clams which is described as “Edgefield Pinot Gris, butter, garlic & fresh parsley with sourdough” from the menu you at McMenamins. I usually take a photo to show how amazing the food looked, but once it arrived I couldn’t wait to dig in. The sourdough served with it seemed freshly made; it was warm and fluffy and made the dish really worth it. This isn’t my first time at McMenamins Lighthouse Brewpub, however it was the best experience we’ve had with food and service at this location. I sampled some other dishes from around the table and can say all the food was fantastic, especially a crab fondue they had on special.

Now for the beer, the good stuff we should call it. I had to order a sampler tray even though I’ve tried most of their beers; a sampler tray is a great way to taste everything with being able to walk out of the brewery. The Brewery Taster was $8.00 and came with six different beers. We tried the Hammerhead, Ruby, Terminator, IPA, Sleepy Hallow and the Jam Session. Overall, I’d say the Hammerhead, and Jam Session were my two favorite beers.

McMenamins Ale Sampler
McMenamins Ale Sampler

Jam Session ISA-(ABV 4.77% / IBU 49) The Jam Session has got to be one of my favorite ISA’s overall. This limited release ISA is available April 8 through May 2016 and is worth the limited release. One of the best parts of an ISA is you get the IBU volume while running a lower ABV so you can enjoy more than one. The menu hits it on the head with their description “A majority of the hops are added in late additions, which provides full flavors and aromas without the bittering astringency.”

Hammerhead- (ABV 6.0% / IBU 44) The Hammerhead Northwest Pale Ale is a rich beer with the strong flavor from the Cascade Hops. While I this has to be one of my favorite beers from McMenamins due to the solid pale ale flavor that you truly receive in to the Pacific Northwest. I personally thought it had a little more IBU’s than 44, but overall you can’t beat a smooth Pale Ale.

Sleep Hallow Nut Brown (ABV 5.03% / IBU 12) is a delicious Brown-Ale. I’m not usually a Brown-Ale drinker but I enjoyed the medium body brew overall. It’s made with Chinook Hops for bittering and Us Golding for the flavor and aroma.

Terminator Stout- (ABV 6.45% / IBU 30) The description for McMenamin’s menu really hits the end on the beer. I’m a huge fan of the Terminator stout and the chocolate, coffee flavors in each sip. The hops used in the Terminator are Chinook and Cascade. The description from McMenamins reads, “Black as the darkest night and as rich as the most decadent dessert, Terminator is for the true Stout lover. This is a full bodied and flavor packed ale which draws it’s robust complexity from kiln-baked specialty grains. Look for a wide array of toasted, chocolate, nutty and coffee-like flavors in every pint! The devoted swear by it, and it remains one of our top selling ales, year after year.”

Ruby- (ABV 4.39%) The Ruby has to be one of the staples for McMenamins. Everytime I visit I have friends who ask if I’ll grab a few bottles for them, or a growler fill before I leave. While I personally think just a pint is good for me, some people like to drink multiple in a sitting. It’s a nice pink color from the raspberry puree to the light raspberry flavor in the beer.

Overall, I’d recommend stopping at the Lighthouse Brewpub for a quick bite to eat, some oyster shooters or just to sample some delicious suds. I know I plan on returning in the future, and I hope the service I received this visit will be the same quality as the next. Have you been to McMenamins? Add a comment below with your favorite beer or favorite experience from the brewery.

Upcoming Travel

Ruby Princess in Tracy Arm Fjord - May 2015.
Ruby Princess in Tracy Arm Fjord – May 2015.

Hi guys!  Just wanted to provide a quick post about some up coming travel I have planned and will be blogging about. The trip we have coming up the fastest will be a 3 day Pacific Coastal cruise sailing from Los Angeles, California to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This cruise is a repositioning cruise as Princess relocates the Island Princess from Las Angeles to  Vancouver for their Alaska Cruise Season.  A part of the repositioning cruise the ship makes no stops outside of the end, so it’s an affordable option to cruise if you enjoy being at sea.   Princess is currently booking this cruise for as low as $53.00/USD a day per person. If you’re like me and prefer a Balcony, you can get the balcony for the same rate currently as an interior room. I can’t think of a better deal, or a better way to enjoy a quick weekend getaway as all food is included and drinks are affordable on the Princess cruise ships with their All-inclusive Beverage Package starting at $56.35 per person, per day. This drink package is great since it already includes gratuity, of course still add a tip for great service.  This package includes cocktails, wine, beer, bottled water and pretty much any beverage on the ship under a $10.00 value. On our trip to Alaska I couldn’t find a drink that I truly couldn’t live without that wasn’t included on our drink package. Of course, the Signature Bloody Mary in Crooners was one of the best bloody Mary’s I’ve had and I’m counting down the days until we can enjoy one again.


Attached is a photo from our Alaskan cruise from May of 2015 for our honeymoon. I will be posting plenty of photos on social media, and on her directly. Princess offers their own line of beer from a partnered breweries from across the USA. Seawitch is their IPA from California brewery Strike Brewing Company. They also have an Alaska Denali Red by Denali Brewing Company and East Coast Blonde Lager by Shipyard Brewing Company in Maine. I’ll make sure to try all three and report back next month.

Traveling Brewson Pint Glasses

With the creation of our new logo by the amazing Jennifer Best I couldn’t contain my excitement! I’ve ordered a small batch of custom printed pint glasses from a local company in Spokane called Custom Printed Beer Glasses.

Traveling Brewson Pint Glasses
Traveling Brewson Pint Glasses created by Customer Printed Beer Glasses.

The quality is high all around from the glass quality, to the logo printing as well as the service provided by Kevin.   While this a small plug for the glasses as I do have them for sale locally in Spokane for 2 pint glasses for $12.00 while supplies last.  I plan on takin this glasses with me and using them as I travel a bit, nothing wrong with enjoying a nice beer with our own logo.  Stay tuned for more Traveling Brewson swag and gear as we continue to grow.   If you’ve purchased a set of our glasses please post your pictures on social media with the hash tag #travelingbrewson so we can see these bad boys in action.

Spokane Comedy Club

Last night my buddies and I went to check out the newest comedy club in Spokane, WA. I was skeptical about the club overall just based on the old venue that was in the same building and how dingy it was. I was really impressed with how nice, clean, and up to date the venue is.

At the Spokane Comedy Club taking pictures prior to the show.
At the Spokane Comedy Club taking pictures prior to the show.

The Spokane Comedy Club really created a fun and comfortable environment to enjoy a great beer and a lot of laughter.   The venue has a good beer selection which included one of my favorite beers No-Li’s Born & Raised at $6.00 a pint we elected to get a few pitchers for the table. Spokane Comedy Club has booked some big names for future shows like Craig Robinson, Pauly Shore, Andy Woodhull and more.  My only area for improvement would be more food option outside of chips and queso, popcorn and candy, I’m glad I grabbed a bite to eat on my way in.


This was my first time going to a standup comedy show and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at jokes. We had Rodger Lizaola and Kermit Apio performing for us and they were fantastic.  Since this was my first time I have nothing to really compare the show to but Rodger Lizaola was hilarious, interactive and really knew how to keep you interested in his joke.  I had to use the rest room but didn’t want to get up and miss any of his jokes.  Kermit had great stories and jokes as well. At the end of the show the comedians did a great job at interacting with the crowd, taking pictures and talking to people. Overall, a great evening and we will be returning to the Spokane Comedy Club again in the future. A quick review but here are a few photos from the evening as well.


Kermit Apio and I after this show.

Rodger Lizaola and I after this show!

Kermit Apio on stage at the Spokane Comedy Club.


Full Sail Brewing Co.

We took a weekend trip down to Hood River, Oregon last weekend and while in Hood River

Full Sail Brewery Street Sign
Full Sail Brewery Street Sign

we checked out the local breweries. First stop was Full Sail Brewery where we enjoyed a sampler as well as lunch from the Full Sail Brew Pub.  I was excited to see that Full Sail has Pub Exclusive brews on tap that are only available in their own tap rooms. It’s always a part of the fun when visiting a brewery is trying beers that you can’t pick up at the stores.   The brewery was nice, clean and had heated outdoor seating with a view of the Gorge, and we got lucky to get a spot right up front. Our waitress was friendly, provided great tips and suggestions on the food.

The food was great; I had the Vegetable Curry Rice Bowl with Tofu. From the menu the description is Cauliflower, zucchini, sweet potato, red bell pepper, onion, celery, carrot, garbanzo beans, local apples, and craisins in a house made curry sauce served with jasmine rice and garlic-Session Wheat sautéed baby kale topped with cilantro sour cream and green onions.  My wife had the Full Sail Chicken Pot Pie which was also very good, I don’t usually enjoy pot pies but I could see enjoying that on a cold day. Now the food item on the menu that I was sad I didn’t order once my friend Eric got his was the Salmon Fish and Chips, it seems rare to see Salmon served this way. All in all, it was a great lunch and well worth the price point.

Let’s get to the good stuff, the beer. While at Full Sail it was only noon and being my wife’s birthday I figured we should only have a little bit of beer before heading off to Naked Winery, so I ordered the specialty sampler. This sampler was 6 five ounce samples for $20, plus you got to keep a souvenir taster glass. The beers I had are listed below in order of how I enjoyed them. While the descriptions are directly off FullSailBrewing.com since they are the most accurate. The Slipknot IPA was a solid full bodied IPA and I wish it was available in stores at it a solid IPA. I also really enjoyed the Catacombs American Dark Ale which is another pub exclusive and this had a light coffee and chocolate flavor which mixed very nicely.

Taster Tray with free souvenir glass
Taster Tray with free souvenir glass

Slipknot IPA(ABV 7% / IBU 80) This full bodied IPA pours a rich golden-orange hue that glows like the late winter sun. The variety of hops deliver pungent scents of citrus and pine, while the variety of hops add a rich spicy malt character.

Catacombs American Dark Ale(ABV 6.7% / IBU 45) Chocolate & caramel malts combined bring forth the dark in this full bodied winter ale. Aromas of pine & slight earthy notes open to flavors of coffee, chocolate, & fruit. A combination of dry-hopping impart aromas & flavors of mango & citrus on the finish. ABV 6.7% IBU 45

Full Sail IPA (ABV 6% / IBU 60) This Northwest style IPA is generously hopped to 60 IBU’s with Centennial hops from the Yakima Valley. Brewed in the classic style with two-row Pale and Crystal malt, our IPA is a real thirst quencher. This fifteen time gold medal winner has a full, malty body and there’s even a hint of fresh citrus to it.

Wassail Winter Ale (ABV 7.2%/ IBU 56)Wassail is brewed with caramel and dark chocolate malts giving it a deep mahogany color and a full malty body. We used a blend of Pacific Northwest hops for a pleasant hoppy aroma and finish.

Full Sail IPA (ABV 6% / IBU 60) This Northwest style IPA is generously hopped to 60 IBU’s with Centennial hops from the Yakima Valley. Brewed in the classic style with two-row Pale and Crystal malt, our IPA is a real thirst quencher. This fifteen time gold medal winner has a full, malty body and there’s even a hint of fresh citrus to it.

Session Golden Golden (ABV 5.8% / IBU 28) pours a deep golden color and imported hop varieties impart noble hop aromas with subtle herbal and hop spice notes. Hop bitterness and malt sweetness are balanced with a firm, smooth, mineral/malt character & clean finish.

Nut Brown Ale (ABV 6% / IBU 31)A British style Nut Brown Ale brewed with Pale, Crystal and Chocolate malts give this medium-bodied ale an extremely smooth and thirst-quenching quality. A combination of Fuggle and Mt.Hood hops provide a balanced soft malt and slightly spicy hop finish.

Unfortunately while visiting Full Sail only is in production Monday thru Thursday, but that didn’t stop us from taking the brewery tour. Our tour guide was nice, knowledgeable and open for questions about the process and history of Full Sail Brewery.  We got to see and taste the malts used for different beers, I always enjoy trying to fresh ingredients. Full Sail is able to bottle about 550 bottles a minute, that’s a 60 case pallet about every 2 minutes. This process, like I said previously we didn’t get to see the process so we will be returning to Full Sail in the future during a production day.

Session Signs inside of the brewery, a lot of awards and their company logos throughout the tour.
Session Signs inside of the brewery, a lot of awards and their company logos throughout the tour.

At the end of the tour our guide opens up for any additional questions we may have come up with and sends off with a free Full Sail Brewery Pint glass. We of course had to stop and buy some merchandise as well after such a great experience. I got a new t-shirt, a hoodie for the wife and the glass growler of course. Overall a great experience at Full Sail Brewery, I’d highly recommend making a stop for a pint and some food.

Pallets on top of pallets of beer.
Pallets on top of pallets of beer.

Yaletown Brewing Company – Vancouver, BC

A pint of the Yaletown Ale in their signature glass.
A pint of the Yaletown Ale in their signature glass.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a “bro’s trip” to Vancouver, British Colombia to enjoy some local music, beers and establishments. We had a great weekend drinking local beer, eating at local restaurants and meeting the great people of Vancity. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly while consuming a lot of local Vancouver beer. We made a few stops but I was only able to stop and get a full sampler of beer at Yaletown Brewing Company. Our service was fantastic, beer was cold and the food was hot. What else could we ask for?


To start out I ordered a sampler tray but our waitress was kind of enough to inform me that it would be financially smarter to just order a pint. I don’t think she knew I would have 1 of every pint on the menu, and I did. Yes, I really had 5 pints, and two taster trays just to ensure I could accurately describe my experience (I swear, I did it for you.).  Pints are usually $7.50 however on Sunday they’re only $4.50 so not a bad discount.

I started out with the Loading Bay IPA (6.2% ABV / 48 IBU) which is a robust, dry and flavored and with bucket loads spicy Pacific Northwest Hops according to their menu. This had to be my favorite beer on their menu, mind you I love a good IPA but I’m used to an IBU of 75+ so

this was lacking some of that hoppy flavor I enjoy. The next pint I had was the Brendan’s Extra Special Beard (5.8% ABV / 37 IBU) I’d personally describe this as more of a session even though it is higher than 5.0% on the ABV, it’s the flavor portfolio I picked up.  It was smooth, not so bitter but a basic overall flavor that you could easily sit back and have 3-4 without a problem. I also had the Mackay’s Dark Ale (4.6% ABV/28 IBU) this was a great Scottish style beer, with nice caramelized Belgian and British malts. I moved up or down depending on how you want to look at it to the Yaletown Ale (4.8% ABV/21 IBU) this was a great beer with Cascade hops from the great Pacific Northwest, a well-balance pale ale that just made you want another pint. Roundhouse Wheat (4.8% ABV/12 IBU) this had to be my least favorite beer there, nothing against the beer itself just not my style. It is an unfiltered wheat beer brewed in the traditional Bavarian style with special yeast. To wrap it up I had the Mainland Lager (5% ABV/12 IBU) which was a smooth light lager, which was smooth and easy to have a few pints of. The Mainland was made with imported hops from Germany and the Czech Republic.


Overall, a great experience at Yaletown. Our waitress whose name I cannot remember was friendly, personable and social with us even though she was semi busy. I was pretty bummed when I went to buy a Yaletown growler they did not make them. However, they had growlers that said MJG Brewery Restaurants. I found out from the waitress that the Mark James Group is a collection of craft brewery restaurants in British Columbia. A total of 6 different establishments owned, branded by the same group so you can only buy the growler that covers all 6 establishments versus each individual brewery’s. I opted out of buying one and hope in the future that each place can use its own logo on their swag.

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