Yaletown Brewing Company – Vancouver, BC

A pint of the Yaletown Ale in their signature glass.
A pint of the Yaletown Ale in their signature glass.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a “bro’s trip” to Vancouver, British Colombia to enjoy some local music, beers and establishments. We had a great weekend drinking local beer, eating at local restaurants and meeting the great people of Vancity. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly while consuming a lot of local Vancouver beer. We made a few stops but I was only able to stop and get a full sampler of beer at Yaletown Brewing Company. Our service was fantastic, beer was cold and the food was hot. What else could we ask for?


To start out I ordered a sampler tray but our waitress was kind of enough to inform me that it would be financially smarter to just order a pint. I don’t think she knew I would have 1 of every pint on the menu, and I did. Yes, I really had 5 pints, and two taster trays just to ensure I could accurately describe my experience (I swear, I did it for you.).  Pints are usually $7.50 however on Sunday they’re only $4.50 so not a bad discount.

I started out with the Loading Bay IPA (6.2% ABV / 48 IBU) which is a robust, dry and flavored and with bucket loads spicy Pacific Northwest Hops according to their menu. This had to be my favorite beer on their menu, mind you I love a good IPA but I’m used to an IBU of 75+ so

this was lacking some of that hoppy flavor I enjoy. The next pint I had was the Brendan’s Extra Special Beard (5.8% ABV / 37 IBU) I’d personally describe this as more of a session even though it is higher than 5.0% on the ABV, it’s the flavor portfolio I picked up.  It was smooth, not so bitter but a basic overall flavor that you could easily sit back and have 3-4 without a problem. I also had the Mackay’s Dark Ale (4.6% ABV/28 IBU) this was a great Scottish style beer, with nice caramelized Belgian and British malts. I moved up or down depending on how you want to look at it to the Yaletown Ale (4.8% ABV/21 IBU) this was a great beer with Cascade hops from the great Pacific Northwest, a well-balance pale ale that just made you want another pint. Roundhouse Wheat (4.8% ABV/12 IBU) this had to be my least favorite beer there, nothing against the beer itself just not my style. It is an unfiltered wheat beer brewed in the traditional Bavarian style with special yeast. To wrap it up I had the Mainland Lager (5% ABV/12 IBU) which was a smooth light lager, which was smooth and easy to have a few pints of. The Mainland was made with imported hops from Germany and the Czech Republic.


Overall, a great experience at Yaletown. Our waitress whose name I cannot remember was friendly, personable and social with us even though she was semi busy. I was pretty bummed when I went to buy a Yaletown growler they did not make them. However, they had growlers that said MJG Brewery Restaurants. I found out from the waitress that the Mark James Group is a collection of craft brewery restaurants in British Columbia. A total of 6 different establishments owned, branded by the same group so you can only buy the growler that covers all 6 establishments versus each individual brewery’s. I opted out of buying one and hope in the future that each place can use its own logo on their swag.

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