Spokane Comedy Club

Last night my buddies and I went to check out the newest comedy club in Spokane, WA. I was skeptical about the club overall just based on the old venue that was in the same building and how dingy it was. I was really impressed with how nice, clean, and up to date the venue is.

At the Spokane Comedy Club taking pictures prior to the show.
At the Spokane Comedy Club taking pictures prior to the show.

The Spokane Comedy Club really created a fun and comfortable environment to enjoy a great beer and a lot of laughter.   The venue has a good beer selection which included one of my favorite beers No-Li’s Born & Raised at $6.00 a pint we elected to get a few pitchers for the table. Spokane Comedy Club has booked some big names for future shows like Craig Robinson, Pauly Shore, Andy Woodhull and more.  My only area for improvement would be more food option outside of chips and queso, popcorn and candy, I’m glad I grabbed a bite to eat on my way in.


This was my first time going to a standup comedy show and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard at jokes. We had Rodger Lizaola and Kermit Apio performing for us and they were fantastic.  Since this was my first time I have nothing to really compare the show to but Rodger Lizaola was hilarious, interactive and really knew how to keep you interested in his joke.  I had to use the rest room but didn’t want to get up and miss any of his jokes.  Kermit had great stories and jokes as well. At the end of the show the comedians did a great job at interacting with the crowd, taking pictures and talking to people. Overall, a great evening and we will be returning to the Spokane Comedy Club again in the future. A quick review but here are a few photos from the evening as well.


Kermit Apio and I after this show.

Rodger Lizaola and I after this show!

Kermit Apio on stage at the Spokane Comedy Club.



  1. Great review!! I was just there on Thursday to see Chris D’Elia and it was so fun! I loved the embiance in there as well as how it was all laid out! I totally get what you mean about not missing the jokes..plus we were front row center so I thought it would be super awkward if I tried to get up in the middle of the show to go to the bathroom! Ha. It really is a cool place. I want to check out some more shows there! Great post!

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