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Thank you for stopping by www.TravelingBrewson.com, I’m Cody Hewson the official Traveling Brewson.  I am a huge fan of traveling, visiting breweries, taking photos and smoking premium cigars. This site allows me to bring a lot of my favorite hobbies and share them with you and the world.

Drinking a pint of local craft beer.
Drinking a pint of local craft beer.

For traveling I like to go on small weekend road trips, cruises or international. I hope while I have this blog I can continue to travel and share my stories about the local beer, culture, and photographs of the places I visit.

As for breweries and beer, you’ll get to read my opinion on beer and the brewery overall. My wife is my brewery partner, she’s not a beer drinker but she likes to  go along and rate the brewery on the atmosphere and the overall experience. She’s the best brewery partner as she is the designated driver. As I grow the blog the reviews will be formatted similarly to keep a consistent reviews on the website. We will also have guests do reviews as they travel and visit different breweries. We focus on drinking local, and supporting the local breweries wherever we travel.

I look forward to growing this site with you readers, please feel free to subscriber to the e-mail posting or shoot me a message with any questions or concerns.


Special shout out to my friend Leia Hyde for her creativity and assistance in naming the website.

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