Black Label Brewing Company

I was able to stop by Black Label Brewing Company down in the Saranac Commons on Tuesday and check out a few different beers. While I was there I tried 7 different beers which I truly enjoyed each beer. All of the beers provided a great flavor that was different for each beer, this was nice as I tried three different IPA’s which all tasted different.

If you haven’t stopped by or know much about Black Label Brewing Company, it is a smaller local brewery founded by two friends who started with a home brew kit and their love for craft beer.  Steve and Dan are focused on high quality ingredients that use certified organic and natural ingredients.  The were were able to get majority of their funding to get the brewery set up from Kickstarter which they were able to raise over $15,000.00 towards their future dreams from February 2013-March 2013 and they opened their brewery in downtown Spokane on January 31st, 2015. Now enough of the history of the brewery, which I find fantastic that they receive so much support from crowdfunding. I wish I can say I was a backer!

To start out my review of the beers my first beer and absolutely my favorite beer they make is the Main Street IPA (ABV 6.5% / IBU 83). This IPA has a very smooth body, and you get a great taste from the Cascade which gives it a nice citrus aroma. I picked up notes of grapefruit, which would be tied to the Cascade hops.  It was great compared to the Monstrosity IPA [9.6% ABV / 76 IBU) this has a strong malt flavor versus the hoppy profile you’d expect in the IPA, but it is an imperial and the ABV was high. The aroma was over a caramel the the color similar in style, not my favorite but it’s hard to follow the Main Street IPA.  The Tropical Thunder I

The fresh Wax Seal with a pint of Main Street IPA.
The fresh Wax Seal with a pint of Main Street IPA.

PA (6.8% ABV / 86 IBU) was the third IPA I tried which is a real solid IPA, you get the full flavor from the hops but its smooth enough for any none IPA lover to enjoy.

The final beer I’ll mention is the Espresso Stout (ABV 6.2% / IBU 40) which is a fantastic espresso stout, with flavors of chocolate and caramel malts. The BLBC’s website describes it best with “There is a little caffeine in this one with six gallons of cold brewed Evans Brothers Espresso. The two brews are blended to achieve this one of a kind Espresso Stout.”. Before leaving I had to get my WABL Passport stamped which I thought was one of the coolest stamps I’ve got in my book, the stamp was with a fresh drop of hot wax for their personalized wax seal. (Photo attached.)

While our visit was brief, I always want to mention the staff. Josh(or Joshua not sure which he prefers) was fantastic. He said he brews some of the beers with the owners and he knew exactly what he was talking about. It was a great addition visiting a brewery where you can chat beer with the staff. He was an awesome guy, and told us about their mug club and sounded excited to receive all of our feedback. We came in an hour before close, and wrapped up our last pint a few minutes past closing, and he wasn’t worried about it or rushing us out the door.  Overall, I’d highly recommend visiting Black Label Brewing Company and I know I’ll be returning.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this brewery review, feel free to leave any comments or questions and I’ll respond.




The Flying Goat

I’m excited to announce I’m now a member of The Flying Goat mug club.  The Flying Goat is a great local establishment that thrives on having high quality food and beer.  On tap they have 15 beers and over 50 beers in bottles to pick form on a single visit.  Their food is focused on artisan pizza, sandwiches and salads which of course all go well with a pint or two.

A Flying Goat Growler and Menu.
A Flying Goat Growler and Menu.

The Flying Goat’s mug club I’ve heard amazing things about, and I plan on putting it to the test. If you’re looking into joining the Mug Club this is what The Flying Goat has to offer – the following information is directly from their website and a link is provided as well.  I got mine as a gift from my little sister, but you can pick up your membership anytime.

Here is the deal…sign up for the Flying Goat Mug Club and here is what you get:

  • 1 Growler that will hold 64oz of beer.
  • 20oz draft for the price of a 16oz
  • Automatically entered in a monthly drawing for a $25 Flying Goat gift card
  • Discounted growler fills on Tuesday nights
  • Discount mug fills on Wednesday
  • You will also have the opportunity to purchase the first tickets to brewers’ dinners and other Special events.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to sharing an additional stories as soon as I visit.


Do you ever get stuck when it comes time to make those hotel reservations and after doing your hotel reviews you find that the hotel alone is going to eat up over half of your budget? It’s super frustrating how much a decent hotel costs nowadays. Without having to worry about a dirty hotel, unclean bedding, or even wanting to make sure you packed some heat to sleep with.

Recently a friend of mine told me about Airbnb a unique way to rent vacation homes, or rooms all across the world.  While this is not an advertisement for Airbnb directly however the overall convenience that and excitement I had when I found a house to rent for our three-day weekend down to Hood River, OR. Not only is it a house, but two-bedroom house that we paid 1/3 of the price for compared the Red Lion Hotel in the area.  Now, I understand that hotels provide a different service compared to Airbnb and they are still needed and convenient for the flexibility of checking and checking out.  Our Airbnb that we’ve rented for our weekend trip looks fantastic, has great reviews and even provides basic amenities and the owners live down the road.  I’ll ensure to post a full review about our Hood River trip upon our return.

I’m also heading to Vancouver, BC at the end of February with a few buddies to go check out the local beer seen and check out a Son Real Concert. We originally had planned to stay Saturday – Monday but changed our mind and added Friday. This is where Airbnb gets even better. I checked out the hotel we had booked and we got a steal of a deal on it but it was booked for Friday night so I took a lot at Airbnb and found a hostel for us to stay for $23.00 a night a person, and it has a great location. The point of this the flexibility Airbnb has to offer made our trip that much easier, and it converts the foreign currency for you so you aren’t stuck paying any fee’s.

Feel free to sign up, check it out and if you use this link you’ll get $20.00 off your first booking. AirBNB Referral Link I have tested this URL works with $20 off my first booking from a friend.  I’ll ensure to post reviews of both trips with photos as soon as they happen.

River City Brewing 3rd Anniversary

This weekend I had the opportunity of attending my first Anniversary party for River City Brewing, and it just happened to be their 3rd year in business. Talk about a party, tons of new beer blends, live music, and Couple of Chef’s catering was there serving up their amazing food selections. I was a little worried when we pulled up as the entire tap room was packed. Luckily they planned correctly and had Angle and Moose at the door greeting us and directing traffic towards the rest of the party.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend, I’d truly say you missed out. The service at River City is always top of the line, it’s almost like they focus on customer service. The beers were fantastic and the limited beers they had released for the party should come back. The beers worthy of mentioning that aren’t on the normal line up are the Deep Thaw Winter Warmer (ABV 8.1% / IBU 48) which is discontinued. I thought this beer tasting similar to the Doppelbock 2015 but had it’s own profile tastes.  The Doppelbock 2015 (ABV 8.3% / IBU 33) & 2016 (ABV 8.4% / IBU 36) were both on tap and I really enjoyed how the 2016 had more of a dry full flavor versus the 2015 which was a tad sweet, still both were amazing. The 2014 Oako-Coco (ABV 8.8% / IBU 78) on Nitro was a fantastic beer, the second time I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy. The Oako-Coco (ABV 8.8% / IBU 78)  had a great chocolate coffee and a mixture of coconut flavors, of course the nitro adds the creamy flavor and richness.   I tried two more beers that were fantastic, the Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Stout(ABV 6% / IBU 55) which was one of my favorites of the night. You get that nice bourbon smell on the nose and full body of the vanilla stout with it.  Root Beer Midnight Marmot (ABV 8.7% / IBU 78) was my final pint of the party. If you’re a fan of other Root Beer adult drinks, or enjoy just enjoy River City’s Root Beer this was a fantastic beer. I usually don’t go for the sweet beers, however this was a very well balanced beer that I could easily see getting a growler filled with.

Overall, a fantastic evening and I can’t wait to attend more parties at River City in the future. If you haven’t stopped by and checked out their tap room, or had a pint I’d highly recommend it.


Tasting Beer – The Book

As I start to move forward with Traveling I find it vital that I am able to use proper jargon, slang, and vocabulary as I review beers. I did some research on and found according to the reviews one of the best books available for the subject.   This book provides great insight on on everything beer, from tasting, mouth-feel,  to colors and flavor. Of course it provides great insight on the brewing process as well since that’s the real art.  This book will be my new companion as we move forward with this journey and it’s only $10.08 with free prime shipping on amazon, check it out.  Below you’ll see the book as well as the description from


Tasting Beer - An insides guide to the worlds great drink. By Randy Mosher
Tasting Beer – An insides guide to the worlds great drink. By Randy Mosher

For everyone who has known the pleasure of a pint, Randy Mosher explores and explains the tasting experience, guiding readers to a better understanding of how every batch of beer is affected by recipe formulation, brewhouse procedures, yeasts, fermentations, carbonation, filtration, packaging, and much more. Readers will learn to identify the scents, colors, flavors, and mouth-feel of all the major beer styles. There are also chapters on proper serving and storage conditions, and classic beer and food pairings. Finally, the book includes a style-by-style compendium of the different brews within major beer families, including American craft brews, British lagers, German ales, and Belgian Dubbels. For each style, Mosher includes historical and regional facts, taste and aroma characteristics, seasonal availability, food pairings, and a few terrific recommendations for readers to sample.




Welcome to the Traveling Brewson

Welcome, to the Traveling Brewson a blog about traveling, beer, breweries and life. My name is Cody Hewson, and I’ll be the official Traveling Brewson. I’m looking forward to seeing the site grow, and flourish into a great community of people who enjoy the topics of the blog.  Of course, I say drink local so a lot of the beers and breweries that I review will be from Washington State which according to Washington Beer Lovers (WABL)  which is the official Washington Beer Fan Club ( we have 308 different breweries in the state. Of course, this doesn’t count new breweries that are opening all the time.

Keep in eye open for updates and changes and feel free to follow me on Untappd to see reviews, and beer checkins. Direct link to untappd profile.

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